BrickYard Brawl 2020

BrickYard Brawl 2020

Event Divisions:

  • Female Female team

  • Male, Male team

Event Details

The BrickYard Brawl is BACK again, Jan 11, 2012.  This years 7th annual Brawl! This year's brawl we are bringing it back to our roots and having 2 person same sex teams. There will be only two divisions MM and FF.

Event WODS

Workout 1

2 Rounds for time (16 min. time cap): 200 Double unders or 400 Singles 80 at 20#/14# or 140 at 14#/10# WallBalls (All to 10') 80 at 53#/35# or 140 at 35#/26# 1 arm Kb front rack stationary lunges. *Both partners must do the same weight or version of jump rope (you can not have 1 person doing double unders and the other doing singles) *Partners must tag each other when changing the working athlete during jump rope

Workout 2

10 Min AMRAP: Rowing Shoulder-to-overhead (30 at 95#/65#)(30 at 115#/85#)(30 at 135#/105#)(30 at 185#/125#)(max. at 225#/155#) *1 Athlete on the rower and the other doing shoulder-to-overhead *Athletes can switch once the rower has finished 250m *Athletes must change all weights and use clips *Every 50 on the rower also counts as a rep

Workout 3

8 Min AMRAP (Relay) 8 Burpee box jump over (24"/20") 8 Power cleans (95#/65#) *Must face the box for the burpees *Must tag partner before changing working athlete

Event Info:

BrickYard Brawl 2020

Date: Jan. 11, 2020

Location: 85B Nutmeg Rd South, South Windsor CT

Registration: $155.00




Reg Deadline Passed


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