CrossFit BrickYard Pricing

    $205/month Unlimited classes and use of gym (+CT sales tax). 

    $170/month 3 classes per week (+CT sales tax)

    $120/month Unlimited student (Min. of 8 credits required) (with valid student ID) (+CT sales tax)

    $300/person- Foundations package (+CT sales tax)

           (Includes 2 weeks of foundations classes and 2 weeks of unlimited classes)

    Personal training Coach dependent (+CT sales tax)

What do our memberships include? 

  • All memberships include:

    • nutrition consultations with Michele Matyschsyk, PhD
    • use of gym during open gym in our 16,000 sqft space!
    • free access to Romwod in an ac/heated room within our space
    • free access to our member management system Triib
    • free access to our online tracking system beyond the whiteboard 
    • Monthly newsletter, full of helpful CrossFit hints, and upcoming events. 
  • These memberships are month to month and our members can cancel at anytime before the first of the month.
  • We encourage people to follow accessory programs that we have to offer here as well for a discounted price if you are a member.
    • Brick By Brick: This program is designed by Coach Seth, a competitive CrossFitter since 2007. He has been an individual regionals athlete and team regionals athlete many times and as a lot of experience coaching Crossfit. His program is designed to go along with BrickYards programming with the intentions of getting ready for the open. This is a monthly payment of only 25 dollars extra a month to give members that edge during the open. 
    • Personalized nutrition plans written and designed by Michele Matyschsyk. These are plans that someone can follow for life, based on your age, weight, height and goals. For members the plan is only 75 dollars, for non-members this plan is 200 dollars. 
    • Strength Program- 12 week program designed by Coach Gerry to help people get stronger, no extra fee for 3 months access.
    • Endurance Program- 12 week program designed by Coach Gerry to help people work endurance, no extra fee for 3 months access.
    • Midline program- 12 week program designed by Coach Gerry to work your core,  no extra fee for 3 months access. 
    • Pull program- designed by Coach Gerry to get people that strict pull up they really want,  no extra fee for 6 months access. 

Available Discounts

    10% discount on 6 month full payment

    20% discount on 12 month full payment

    15% discount to those in Police, Fire, First responder, Active Military, UTC empl, Family and Teachers (Not available on 3 classes per week or student) 

    Only 1 discount per person

Drop in visitor from another CrossFit affiliate?

    First class is free (except on holidays, opens and regionals)

  • Additional class is $20