Health is serious business.

Are your employees healthy, focused and energized? At Crossfit Brickyard our Corporate Wellness program will help you create a company-wide community that results in fit, productive employees. Unlock the true potential of your employees by giving them tools proven to elevate performance.

How your business benefits: 

• Increases staff morale & employee productivity

• Lowers your health insurance costs  

• Reduces sickness & absenteeism

• Reduces turnover and lowers your recruiting & training costs

Participation is often the greatest barrier to a corporate wellness program’s success. This problem stems from offering an oversimplified solution to a complex issue. While the common approach (helping your employees lose weight) is a crucial first step, our long-term goal is to provide easy-to-use principles that help them stay healthy and energetic for life. Using Crossfit Brickyard’s Corporate Wellness program will empower your employees and strengthen your business.

How it works

Whether your business has 10 employees at one location or thousands of employees throughout hundreds of satellite locations, this program will work for you. First, our corporate wellness coordinator will set up a time to outline your specific needs and create a personalized program for your business. Then, a highly skilled CrossFit trainer will organize a time to come in and lead a team building exercise

Finally, your business will have access to 6 weeks worth of cutting-edge fitness instruction and health information, including:

• Ergonomic assessment • Nutritional Consult

• Access to Triib • Access to New 16,0000 sq. ft facility