A solid foundation in CrossFit is essential for athletes to getting the most out of each class and to avoid bad habits from developing. This is why everyone must complete the foundation classes (2 weeks long with 3 classes each week) before entering regular classes. 

Foundation classes are usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday, start every other Monday and the time of class can vary. Please contact us to find a time that can fit your schedule and we will try to accommodate.

You will learn how to correctly perform movements such as squat, dead lift, row and more. In the foundation class, you will get acclimated to the general structure of a class and the different types of workouts -- building blocks needed to get you started and ready to join the regular classes.

If you have previously belonged to a CrossFit affiliate and can successfully demonstrate a series of routine CrossFit movements then you will be invited to join regular group classes without having to take the foundation classes.

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