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Next round of foundations classes start 8/1/16

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Bring a friend to BrickYard!

Thursday Aug th is bring a friend day! Do you have trouble explaining to your non-CrossFit friends why it is you do what you do, or why you're so passionate about BrickYard? Is it difficult for you to convince them that CrossFit is not scary or impossible but fun and infinitely scale-able?


Member of the Month

Our Member of the for June is Mindi Cieck! She really needs no introduction, She always comes in with a smile on her face and has no idea what an amazing athlete she really is. Congrats Mindi!! Read her interview below!

1. How long have you been with us At CFBY? Do you remember your first workout? I’ve been a member of CFBY for just over two years. Post WOD’s, I usually enter a state of global transient amnesia. However, what I clearly remember is my first pre-WOD warm up. It included five box jumps (a skill which I was physically incapable of performing). I panicked and embarrassingly escalated to tears as I wondered how I was going to do a WOD when I couldn’t even do it’s warm up. Gina Marie intervened and compassionately whispered, “do step ups”. I am forever indebted to Gina Marie for helping me to survive my first team WOD. 

2. How would you compare your previous lifestyle with the one that is today? Previously, I was a rat running on a wheel. I worked hard and had good intent but went nowhere fast.

3. If you could design the perfect workout for yourself that would it be? As I’ve already confided in Coach Seth, my goal is to someday become a Hot Mama. Every Gerry-inspired WOD is perfect for helping me to achieve such. While I remain worlds away from becoming a Hot Mama, I am inspired and motivated by the fact that I am under the same roof WHERE YOU ALL WORK OUT!  ;)

4. What animal best represents you today? I am a tortoise who is slow (and most likely running late) but is doing her best to someday catch up to all of you amazing hares.

5. If you could pick the perfect song to listen during the best workout of your life what would it be? Enter Sandman by Metallica...nothing compares to the energy of New Yorker’s going wild when Mariana Rivera would enter the field to close a game.

6. If you were to summarize your lifestyle in 5 words or less, how would it go? “Crazy, that’s how it goes,” Ozzy Osbourne.

7. What advice do you have for anyone thinking about starting?

I must echo Noah Forest’s words of wisdom, “Just keep coming”. The coaches here are downright phenomenal. CFBY consists of remarkable and amazing individuals who genuinely care and support each other. Gerry and Michele deserve great accolades for building this extraordinary community!

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10% off code: brickyard