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Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule: 

Nov 26th, no 6:30pm class.

Thanksgiving day Nov 27th, 7:30 am and 9:30am class. No Kids Class

Nov 28th, 7am class, Noon class, and 5:15pm class.

This will updated in BoxHQ if you forget or want to RSVP for class. Happy Thanksgiving!


Next round of foundations classes start 12/9/14

Sign up today to gain the knowledge to succeed in weight loss, strength and overall health!  Class size is limited and filling up fast so contact us today!! Click HERE!!  This session will be Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday for 2 weeks.  This will be our last foundations class for the year.  Don't put it off another year!!

Member of the Month 

Noah Forrest

Our First Member of the Month goes to Noah Forrest for the month of October. Noah goes above and beyond being an excellent member! Congratulations! 
Check out our interview with Noah below:

1. How long have you been with us at CFBY? Do you remember your first workout?
a. 1 Year and 1 Month. 
b. 3 Rep Max to establish back squat. I was so uncomfortable with the barbell and nowhere close to below parallel. 

2. How would you compare your previous lifestyle with the one that is today?
a. I am a more confident athlete/individual than ever before. I am much more willing to try something new whether it’s at the gym or in my everyday life. I never realized how weak and inflexible I was until I started at Brickyard. Brickyard and Crossfit has also made me realize how important it is to always try and learn more. Whether it’s perfecting a dip drive or trying to learn more about the food you put in your body everyone should strive to be more open minded.

3. If you could design the perfect workout for yourself that would it be?
a. Being tall many crossfit moves are not too easy for my long wingspan. That being said the perfect workout would be some combination of: Rowing, Box Jumps, Walls Balls, and either double unders or running; just so I can stay ahead of Mark…

4. What animal best represents you today?
a. T-Rex has always been a nickname and it still makes sense today because “T-Rex hates pushups”

5. If you could pick the perfect song to listen during the best workout of your life what would it be?
a. This is a hard question! If I had to pick one it would be AC/DC Thunderstruck. 

6. If you were to summarize your lifestyle in 5 words or less, how would it go?
a. Smart, Loving, Dedicated, Husband & Father

7. Do you have any advise for someone just starting at BrickYard? 
a. My advice for anyone starting is to just keep showing up. If you keep showing up you will get stronger!

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10% off code: brickyard

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