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Next round of foundations classes start 4/28/15

Sign up today to gain the knowledge to succeed in weight loss, strength and overall health!  Class size is limited and filling up fast so contact us today!! Click HERE!!  This session will be Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday for 2 weeks.  

Bring a friend to BrickYard!

Thursday May 7th is bring a friend day! Do you have trouble explaining to your non-CrossFit friends why it is you do what you do, or why you're so passionate about BrickYard? Is it difficult for you to convince them that CrossFit is not scary or impossible but fun and infinitely scale-able?

Member of the Month

Becky Curtin 

Our Member of the month for March is Becky Curtin. We have some strong moms to be at CFBY and Becky is definitely one of them! Congratulations! 
1.    How long have you been with us At CFBY? Do you remember your first workout?
I have been with CFBY for one year, and I remember the first workout quite clearly.  After coming out of foundations I was ready for a workout that consisted of a variety of movements – lunges, sit-ups, running…something I could do without standing out too much as someone who is new and has no idea what’s going on.  Instead, it was a three rep max of overhead squats.  (Now, looking back I realize it could have been much worse: it could have been a three rep max of power snatches.)  I was grouped with three fellow BrickYarders who had been members for quite some time.  It was during that workout I quickly learned the amazing community of encouraging and supportive members that make up CFBY.  I took away a few things after that work out:  dropping the bar is a lot of fun, the coaches help and encourage everyone, and CFBY is truly a wonderful community to be a part of.   

2.    How would you compare your previous lifestyle with the one that is today?
I have always been involved in one way or another with organized sports - soccer being the main sport.  However, after college and without a team continuously motivating me to keep in shape and working out, I began to slack.  I took up running for a few years - competing in a couple half marathons, but I never really got the feeling I was improving fitness-wise as an individual. I would still eat like I was in college, but without the metabolism I used to have, that too caught up with me.  Joining CFBY helped me understand a new way of working out more efficiently.  Not only was I starting to strengthen all aspects of my body, I began to understand the value of good nutrition and how it truly impacts the way I feel when working out.  

3.    If you could design the perfect workout for yourself that would it be?
It would probably be some sort of an Endurance WOD with a variety of movements which could include:  running, push presses, and kettle bell swings. 

4.    What animal best represents you today?  Goat

5.    If you could pick the perfect song to listen during the best workout of your life what would it be?
Dragula by Rob Zombie

6.    If you were to summarize your lifestyle in 5 words or less, how would it go?
Focused, Motivated, Committed, Positive

7.    What advice do you have for anyone thinking about starting?
My personal advice would be sign up and show up.  With the myriad of workouts that are created all of the time there will always be something different and exciting to walk into.  All of the coaches are extremely knowledgeable and creative, and are focused on helping everyone in the class improve and work towards his/her goals.  Sometimes the hardest part of every workout is just pulling into the parking lot, because once inside everything else is doable.



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10% off code: brickyard