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Bring a friend to BrickYard!

Thursday Nov 3rd is bring a friend day! Do you have trouble explaining to your non-CrossFit friends why it is you do what you do, or why you're so passionate about BrickYard? Is it difficult for you to convince them that CrossFit is not scary or impossible but fun and infinitely scale-able?


Member of the Month

Our member of the Month for September is Abby Fuller!!! Abby is such an amazing role model for us all, crushing WODs (safely) while WODDing for two. Everyone LOOK out baby Fuller was due Oct 14th, and Momma Fuller has been WODDing with a 30 pound vest for 9 months.
1. How long have you been with us At CFBY? Do you remember your first workout?
I have been doing Crossfit for 3 ½ years, and have been a member at CFBY for 2 ½ years. All I can remember about my first workout at CFBY were 24” box jumps, and thinking “I’m going to eat it on my first day here.” Thankfully I didn’t, although I’m sure I’ve made a fool of myself plenty of times since!
2. How would you compare your previous lifestyle with the one that is today?
I had been active for a while before starting Crossfit, but it was repetitive and monotonous. I compartmentalized working out rather than incorporating it into my lifestyle: I’d work out but did not match my diet to my activity needs. I was also an enormous klutz – tripping over everything, running into walls, which I now realize was due to my complete lack of muscle tone. Now I feel challenged every day, and that fosters a feeling of confidence and accomplishment. By matching my diet to my training I saw results I never thought possible. Now being 9-months pregnant I don’t feel as big as I thought I would – I can manage and move my new body weight because I continued training. My current lifestyle was a priority when I first found out I was pregnant, and as a priority I was able to carry it through my pregnancy. I feel I’ll be able to maintain it postpartum despite any challenges a new baby will bring.
3. If you could design the perfect workout for yourself that would it be?
It would be the tall-man’s heavy WOD! Heavy wall balls, box jumps, and heavy snatches – I haven’t jumped or lifted heavy in 9 months!
4. What animal best represents you today?
Not to sound totally dramatic but a Phoenix. I started Crossfit during a particularly transformative time in my life during which I was forced to sink or swim. Aside from its impact on my physical abilities, Crossfit was the catalyst that enabled both the emotional and mental changes that I needed to move my life forward. The landscape of my life is totally different, and I owe so much of that to the community I’ve become a part of. 
5. If you could pick the perfect song to listen during the best workout of your life what would it be?
I tend to zone out whatever music is on, unless it’s old school hip hop or other classic 90s hits and I wind up singing along. There is also something about hard rock that makes me feel like a total bada$$ while throwing around big weight. 
6. If you were to summarize your lifestyle in 5 words or less, how would it go?
Committed, Healthy and Centered, but also Flexible and Free
7. What advice do you have for anyone thinking about starting?
Walking in to the gym is the hardest part. There will always be a million reasons not to try something that pries you out of your comfort zone, and then a million corresponding reasons that you’ll be staying right where you’re at. It’s also hard to trust the process if you’ve never seen it through to completion. Just show up - it all starts with one step through the door.

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10% off code: brickyard